How can I setup my site to send/retrieve e-signatures?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make it where my website can send out and retrieve e-signatures kinda like docusign and I need some help. I’ll explain more below.

My idea is to make it where user’s enter some data in an input, a template/custom pdf gets generated with the user’s input data, it get’s sent to the recipient for e-signature, then it get’s sent back or sent elsewhere. Does anyone have an idea on how to make this possible? I’m not the greatest with APIs but I’m willing to learn if that’s how this is capable.

P.S - I’m not making a DocuSign look alike, I just need to be able to send and retrieve e-signatures for my idea to work properly.


Hello Jacob,

For those kind of things, I like to use Sendgrid, you even have a plugin for that, so you dont need to create an API conection!

If you need help implementing it, send me a message.

Best regards,

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