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How can I share other website newsletter in my bubble website

How can I post feeds of news from other major news website to my bubble app.

I have seen some websites which can share the post by copy a url and paste in an input field

Which then makes a post within repeating group showing the title and some picture of the post and when clicked will direct to that particular source of website

Is this possible in bubble?

So if I understand you correctly, you want to have an input field where a user pastes a link to anther website. They then click click a “post” button next to the input field and then that gets added to the repeating group which shows a picture (what picture?) that, when clicked on it takes the user to that url that was originally pasted into the input field?

Yes I mean website like tech crunch, business leader
Where they update posts like daily news

What I want is to users can share that post in my bubble app .

I have seen that features in some websites where people have a field of input to copy paste any particular post link from the above mentioned websites which makes a feed in my app which automatically shares the content of that post in my bubble app which includes any image from the post

Example of a website that has this feature you’re talking about?

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