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How can I show the result from an external API, not [object Object]?


I am trying to connect the API from Azure Machine Learning Studio to

I made a sample module, which checks the text delivered to the API, and say “positive” or “negative” to mean if the text sounds positive/negative.

To use it easily, I tried to make a webapp using

The goal is to get the input, send it to Azure API, received the result and show the result on page, which is “positive” or “negative” However, the page only shows [object Object] text.

Here is what I have done.

  1. Set up the API connector as shown below, using entries that I received from Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Notes: This is the script that I entered on this page.

“Inputs”: {
“input1”: {
“Values”: [
“Happy New Year”,
“GlobalParameters”: {}


  1. Check the raw response and choose “value Values (list)” as the value to use.

  1. Using the [Design] menu, add the text and connect it to API as shown below.

  1. Open the preview page, enter a text.
    I expected to get a text “positive” or “negative”. However, it only shows [object Object] text.

I am new to API (actually for anything about programming) and I was not sure how I can make my page show “positive” instead of [object Object]

Any advice will be really appreciated. If I need to share more details, please let me know.

Thank you.


Ariteru Hara

Can you screenshot some more of what is going on? So we can see the actual output, and what is in “input”.

Have you checked the value with the debugger inspector?

What result do you get if you type in the “Happy New Year” in the JSON body instead of having a dynamic value?

Good luck!