API connector GET request not returning complete JSON (works in Postman, not in Bubble)

I’ve tested a simple GET request in Postman and it works perfectly. Response in Postman includes all expected fields, including a list of “objects”. However, Bubble does not seem to recognize the “objects” or any of the content within the “objects” part of the JSON tree. For example, after initializing the API call in the API Connector plugin, I only see a partial list of expected fields in the Modify Call Types area, and then of course when I go to “Get data from external API” I don’t see the “object”-related fields I need.

I thought that Bubble had solved the issue of nested JSON a long time ago, and even in this example it is recognizing some nested JSON fields, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Screenshots in case at all helpful:

Sorry to keep talking to myself, but in case it ever helps anyone else, I’ll post my “solution” – the API I was hitting was adamant about encoding the URLs, including parameters in the URLs, to make the calls work. In Postman, I had to encode the URLs myself to get it to work, so I did the same thing when recreating the call in Bubble. Turns out that Bubble apparently encodes the URLs automatically (?). So to solve this problem, all I needed to do was put in the plain URLs rather than encoded URLs, and then all of the response “objects” came through as JSON as expected (and as in Postman).

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