How can I use a search box element to create a new thing

Hi everyone,
I created a search box in order to create a new thing.
In my workflow I can create this thing by using the VALUE ('s value) of the search box but the problem is that when it does not exist in the list of things that the box is searching it gives an empty value by default.
So I am trying to ask for the 's typed text value of the search box in order for this thing not to be empty. But Bubble asks then for another element and my request is red just like the image below shows

What Type is Wine_estate? (I’m guessing it’s s thing in your database, not a text)

So you’ll need to create a new Wine_estate first.

Yes it’s a thing in my database.

In the workflow in which I create this new thing, I first check if this wine estate exists already and then I create it if it does not exist yet and then in another data types I create a field with this search box value.

But I imagine that the problem is that this search box is still base on its initial search result with the empty value (in the case that this wine estate does not exist yet). I would need to do a search instead of using the search box. I will try that.

Thanks a lot

I tried to use the result of a previous searchbox that allowed me to check if this wine estate already exists (and create it if needed) but I have a similar problem : Bubble asks me for many conditions instead of just the result.

Thanks Adam
That helped in my conception of the workflow. But still working on another error :smiley: