Search box value not being recorded

The search boxes value isn’t recorded when inputting a value that is not on the list despite having the option, “Allow entries not in list when typing,” enabled.

Hi there, @jgterrell08… what do you mean when you say the value isn’t being recorded? Are you referencing the search box’s typed text in a workflow? Can you share some screenshots of your setup?


Thanks for the reply,
The title box is a search box and when I press create to create a new thing the value isn’t recorded if the value of the search box isn’t listed.

What does your workflow look like? Are you saving the search box’s typed text to a field when you create the thing?

That’s the workflow after pressing the create button.

You are referencing the search box’s value, but you need to reference the typed text when the value doesn’t exist. You could add a another step that makes changes to the thing created in step 1 only when the result of step 1’s Title is empty, and the change to make would be Title = SearchBox Title og's typed text.

Thank you very much for your help!

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