How can I use SOAP (XML) in API Connector?

I have simple test request (2 parameters) and response (1 parameter)

How can I do it with API Connector if its possible?

We support converting from XML to JSON in the response (see the API connector). Now sending parameters I’m not sure, we haven’t hit that one yet). if you can set up a test situation that’d be good.

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Emmanuel, Thank you.

In My app I only test API Connector in Plugin settings, but can’t get a good response from my api.

So, my app -

API is here -

I want to run method “GetfirstTWS” with parameters i=33 and kod=6 (any numbers). If all is ok respose will be 5 (or 1).
But now I recive only empty response without any fields.

Thank you for helping me.

The API you have in your app isn’t this link, and returns an empty body…


Sorry, It’s possible I don’t know smth. but I can’t solve my problem.
in screen below I launch request for my API and get response with one field with value “5”, not empty.

How can I do such thing with API Connctor in Bubble? I am not pro in API, so could you explain step by step or correct parameters in my app.

Thank you for your help.

How can I use the convert to JSON feature. I have an API that only accepts XML