How crazy do you get with reusable elements?

I’m more curious than anything else…for those with bigger projects, how are you using reusable elements?

I tend to use them like this:

  • obviously headers/footers/menus

  • I treat some RE’s as classes and workflow streams as methods (IE: I have a Class-users with create, modify, change status workflows. Then I just drop the RE on whatever page I need it on while I put ones that I’ll need on all pages in a reusable header element

  • repeating group items (lists of users, events, downloads and other ‘widgets’)

I think this stuff is pretty common, but I was curious how crazy people get with them to make your lives easier.

I use them as whole “pages” in single page apps to simplify dev and keep editor running decently fast on really large apps.

Rarely do I use them for anything else.

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They’ve become very much more useful now you can pass in multiple properties.

I have a “Dashboard” page that has in total 10 “tabs” that different user types can access. At one point all the workflows and visual elements were on the page itself. I had to break the page into 10 reusable elements for each tab + reusable elements for all of the popups on the page. Reusable elements are a MUST. It was a big job to convert everything into RE but the editor would freeze after 15 minutes and I’d have to restart my browser each time.

Oh, btw, even after breaking into RE the editor will now freeze at around 45 minutes until I have to restart my browser. Much better but still.

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