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How do I add Time to a Date

Hi I hope this is a simple question but it has been bugging me for quite some time. I have a Date Picker and a Time Picker. How do I save (or combine) the Date and Time into one entry in the database. Basically right now I have June 22, 2020 and I have 4:00 PM as two separate entries. How do I save them as June 22, 2020 4pm?

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Hi @zachenson

When creating a Thing, you can set your field Date = Date Picker’s value:change hours to Time Picker’s value:extract hour:change minutes to Time Picker’s value:extract minutes:change seconds to Time Picker’s value:extract seconds

Let me know if that does the trick


Dates ARE times. Read everything I’ve written on this topic, especially watch this:

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Wow thank you @keith that is a very thorough overview of how dates (time) works in Bubble. Much appreciated.

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@keith I really appreciate your video. I feel like it would be really helpful if @emmanuel or someone from Bubble put together an official video or lesson on how time works in Bubble. I think its a pretty big topic (hence why @keith made the video) that is difficult to understand with current Bubble documentation.