How do I build a Bottom Sheet?

Has anyone built a bottom sheet?

Seen a few of them around and from a UI perspective they make a lot of sense (in the right setting ofc).
Was wondering if anyone has built one and had experience to share.


I’ve done similar things, but not with a drag, instead I could only create it using a button press for the “bottom sheet” to come up and cover the other elements on page. Although I bet you could figure a way to use drag and drop groups to allow for a draggable “bottom sheet”

Well I think dragging UX components isn’t built-in naturally in bubble. But you could create a bottom sheet with a floating group set “vertically float to bottom” which when you click something over there prompts to display an element that cover the entire page (which could be another floating group if you want)

This was what I was thinking as well.
“Open” the bottom sheet on click of a button.

I’ve not tried any of the swipe-plugins but might be useful if I want the swipe-gesture to work.

any news on this here?

I created this using a popup as well, but haven’t figured out how to achieve it with the drag & drop plugin unfortunately…

its just more smooth when you are able to hide the bottom sheet via swipe.