How Do I calculate total distance from a group of inputs?


I am using @AliFarahat google maps extended plugin and hit a wall. I can’t figure out how to get a total(sum) for ‘distance and duration’. I have the each leg’s distance and duration saved in 9 different inputs but I cannot get the total distance of these 9 inputs into 1 input/text. The user can remove/change a leg which changes the total distance dynamically. How should I proceed?

Bump - Still am not able to figure this out - Any suggestion is appeciated. I’ve tried custom states, I’ve tried ‘distance value’ instead of ‘distance text’ to no avail. I truly am stumped. SOS!!

Hey There,

Can you share an example in the app editor so I can have a look?

Hi Ali,

Thanks for getting back to me. Pasted below is an example of what I am having trouble with. The goal is to calculate the total distance between each leg and have that amount (the total) display in the ‘i_total_distance’ field and also saved in the database as I will, each quarter, have to pay certain taxes on the amount of total distance travelled. I feel like the solution is something simple that’s been overlooked.

( As suggested, I’ve removed the link to the editor because my API key was visible.) I have sent you a DM @AliFarahat
Thanks again for getting back to me.

Thank you, I was thinking of deleting the key after a possible solution, but you’re right I should PM Ali.

The API key you had attached was not working, or billing was not available / attached. So i prepared an example on my own app here.

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Phenomenal - this works exactly the way I need it to. Big ups to Mr Ali and the awesome bubble community.


Hi Ali. Hope you’re having a great week.

I tested (on your website) the distance calculator. I had put in 5 locations and the value it gave me was the same distance as in google maps - awesome!! - but it only started calculating after the 3rd inputted location… You’re probably working on it but this is great progress! Eagerly waiting your reply!

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