How do I call or email Bubble support?

We are on the professional plan; how do I call or email Bubble support? Last week I imported 500 records into one object, however even though Bubble said 500 were imported, only 300 were. I then deleted those 300, and instead in addition to deleting them it deleted an additional 50+ records from a completely separate object all together.

I had to restore from backup and lost a day of employee work doing this. On the weekend I tried again to import and posted on here for support as well as nothing was working. I was only able to import 50 records at a time otherwise the system would just give an error about Bubble cloud flare. I finally was able to get 1500 records imported doing 50 at a time, but today we log in and 200 records are all missing from again a completely separate object. I was importing Companies and now 200 Leads are all deleted so I wasted all weekend for nothing on this.

We pay for this service, how do you contact Bubble for support? If this forum is the only support then we will be looking at moving this to a more stable platform and cancelling our account.

Do they actually respond to that? I saw that but it just says to use that if you have feedback or a product suggestion so it didn’t sound like that would open any kind of support ticket.

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I’m assuming what was happening was a bug, so I am pretty sure if you file it as one they take a look at them all and they’ll get back to you on it.

You can file a bug report here:

Our support page is the best way to get in touch: we do check and respond to everything that comes into that inbox, though please do keep in mind that we are currently not available outside of our normal office hours (M-F, ~10am-6pm EST).

Thanks I did Bug 7286 earlier so hopefully that is sufficient but if I need to email as well please let me know.

We’ve received your bug report, and will get back to you via email once we investigate. :slight_smile:

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I can’t even submit a support ticket, it’s timing out. I’ve got a live event right now that is dead in the water because of this outage. Can we get some sort of update?

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Just to help you out in the future, best bet is to email in the event you can’t get to the support page or submit one the traditional way.

Also, sadly for the community and for Bubble, I don’t believe Eve is a staff member anymore. They were one of the most interactive on the Bubble Forums, so it is unfortunate.

Probably also wouldn’t revive a 2 year old thread to get support. I do get your urgency and need for immediate and corrective action (I think all of us do).

Eve how do I cancel my bubble account?

They have an email address. I get a reply in 2-3 business days maximum. Hope you can get some help there.