Is there no email support from Bubble anymore?

I’m not getting any replies to any emails I’ve sent over the past month to Bubble support, and my one main issue is a bug in my app where even our developers can’t figure out the problem and told me to contact Bubble. No one bothers to respond, even though I always used to get assistance when emailing in. Have the plans changed and support been removed? I love using Bubble but it’s making it hard to want to keep using it if there’s no support whatsoever, especially when paying $400 CAD+ a month for something. I’d hate to have a serious outage and be on my own like this.

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I’m surprised to hear this. My experience with Bubble’s support has improved recently.

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Personally, my experience has been great with Bubble! Usually @eve @malcolm or Jessica answers my requests. Don’t think the Bubble Team switched over to their new shared inbox service yet too, so I’m not sure. I usually get a response within 48 hours

Hello folks!

@johnny, thanks for the tag, as we certainly want to chime in here.

Our team responds to each ticket that comes in to our inbox, but we are not seeing anything more recent than February from your email, @lmoreau. Are you emailing us directly, or using one of the forms on our site?

Happy to discuss via DMs on the forums as well, if you’ve sent more recent emails that we have not received!

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I too am not getting any replies from’s support.

I get replies from @Bubble. How long have you waited?