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How do I capture information and display it in a list view on a separate page?

I want to use a button to take user input from drop downs, radio buttons, and text input fields all on the same page and then display that information in a list on another page that automatically sorts by a certain user input. Any ideas? I feel like I’m getting close, I just can’t quite manage it.

I think the only way would probably be to capture the data into the database first then pass it onto the following page

The alternative is to use page parameters. So send the inputs in the URL.

Have a search for this in the forums as there are quite a few posts.

But yes, saving the data and passing the creates thing might well be the easiest method.

Depends on the number of fields.

Although … I would try to keep the search and display on the same page if I could. So enter the data and then show a group on top.