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Filtering & Displaying Data from DB

First time app developer and loving Bubble so far! Quick question on something I’m stuck on. i have a simple design with 5 inputs for data. Once the user Submits the data, it goes to a new page where I would like it display some information from the existing database.

For example there are 5 inputs required. If for Input3 the user enters “100”. I’d like the output on the next page to display all the other records where Input 3 = 100.

Hopefully that makes sense?

You can pass search parameters to a page as part of the page navigation. And then the receiving page can use these in a search to display results.

Have a look at this post

And if you have more questions am happy to help.

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I went to the “SUBMIT” button workflow which calls the new page and added ‘Data to Send’ Input # Value but it keeps on asking for more and more options.

Also, I assume on the new page I enter a text box and that will be used to display the search results?


You just need a single parameter.

Then you can pull the parameter into the new page using the “Get parameter from page URL” function.

Have a look here.

You may well be better off having your entry and search on a single page, it will be quicker and better UX in many cases.

Hi Nigel,

Appreciate the help but still not able to complete the task. I want the user to enter 5 inputs and create a database.

On the next page I want to display information from the EXISTING database based on the entry of 1 of the inputs. For example:

If they enter say “Doctors Visit” in Procedure input. After they press SUBMIT, it should load a new page and the output should be text with something like this:


Where PROCEDUREn = any elements of the database that are also “Doctors Visit”
Maybe it shows the top 5 that are ALREADY in the database.

It’s a simple query in SQL but not sure how to do it in Bubble?

Thanks for your help and patience!

Is this freeform search criteria ? Or a dropdown ?

It’s not a search term, it’s an input field for a database. Someone goes to a doctor and enters information like insurance provider, procedure, cost and this information is stored in a DB.

Than I want the next screen to access the database to show how much the same procedure cost at other doctors offices

Make sense?

Ok, so you create the thing with this data on screen 1.

Then on screen 2 you want to access the thing you just created and pull back this “procedure” field and display matches ?

In SQL it would be something like this:
Screen1: Enter Data

Screen2: Basically display the following if it was SQL:
SELECT procedure, cost FROM database WHERE Procedure = Procedure Input from Screen1

And it would display everything in the database with the same ‘procedure’ and it’s associated cost field.

Hope that helps?

Yes, so in Bubble terms you create a thing on screen 1, and then send that thing to the next page.

Then on the the receiving page you can refer to the Current Page’s procedure.

Here is an example.

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Hi Nigel (or anyone else),

Working on creating a display function in our app. The app is for a delivery dry cleaning service, and the information entered will be zip codes which we service. I have been able to create the entry part just fine. But for administrators, I want all the zip codes entered to be displayed. This way, the data can be verified that we actually service these areas.

The basic idea being that users click a button that says ‘display service areas’ and then all the entered zip codes appear. Everything I have seen so far seems to require some kind of input value, which isn’t necessary in this case. Is it possible to just display all data in the database?

Thank you!

Get yourself a repeating group and set the data source to be a search. Do a search for whichever data “Thing” has the zip code field. Set the data type to number (or text, however you set it up)

If Zip Code is an entire data Thing, then the repeating group type should be that thing and your search would be something like “do a search for zip code’s number/text”

Then add a text element inside the repeating group. The text is dynamic, so use “current cell’s text/number/zipcode”

If you want to share the link to your editor, I can be more specific.


That worked beautifully! Thank you! I think the part that tripped me up was the last bit. Didn’t make sense to set to ‘current cell’s thing’ when nothing had been entered.

But I am guessing the logic is that the search is entering the data, and the text box just needs to know to display that data.

Thank you so much!

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Yes, exactly. You’re searching for saved values, so the data source and text in cell navigate to the values you need. That’s why in many instances you’ll see that you have options to display “static” data or “dynamic” data. Static is what you can enter yourself within the element and it will always be that value. Dynamic pulls from the database, which allows you to anticipate different values.

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Thank you again, super helpful Gabby!

Next question, is how to compare an input to this database?

The goal is to get to a zip code checker. What was discussed above was a way for administrators to populate and audit a service area. Now that is created, users should be able to compare their zip code to the data base.

So far, I have the user input ok, and have that set up to ‘create a new thing’ in a separate database for analytics purposes. I also have a repeating group set to search the data base of service zips created by admins. What I do not see is a way to set up the logic to compare the two.

The best that I could come up with was a third group set to ‘yes/no’ data time to compare the input and search results. However, I end up being stuck in data loop as seen below. So this can’t be the way it is supposed to work.

If I understand this correctly, you want to a way for a user to enter a zip code and return a yes or no if a zip code in the database matches?

Let’s say you want to display a text that says either “Zip Code Exists” or “Zip Code Does Not Exist”. Use a text element to display dynamic text:

Search for Zip Codes Contains Input Enter Zip Code’s value:formatted as text > change yes to “Zip Code Exists” and change no to “Zip Code Does Not Exist”

Below is a screenshot with an example using users. The input is type text and should match the field type you’re searching in the database. So, I have a list of users in my database. I want to see if the name I type in the input matches any user’s first name in the database. My search is therefore saying "search for users whose first name field matches the text in the input field… if yes, display “user exists”… if no, display “user does not exist.”

Let me know if this makes sense. If you’re still having trouble, share a link to your app editor so I can look at your setup.

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Hi Gaby, sorry for the slow reply. I just implemented this and it works like a charm. Thank you again so much for being so willing to offer advice for this. Already got signed up for your news letter, and hopefully that will head off some more questions before I post them here ;0)

have a great day!

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Thanks for the support @jameslusk! Glad the text display worked out!

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