How do I check if there is more than one identical text in a text list?

I want the message to appear only if the text list has equal elements, I’m using an RG and storing the value of each input in a state in the RG

Editor example:

Just have a condition if the list contains the inputs text should work?

The problem is that if one input has the text “test” and the other “testee” it will appear in both, because “test” contains in “testee”. But they are different.

Yep, but your original question was about identical ones.

What’s the use case here?

I want to inform the user that he has entered the same item twice.

Then the above works all good.

If you use the condition that checks if the list of texts contains this text, its not searching for partial matches, its searching for an exact match.

If you’re having issues with that specific setup, grab some screenshots and ill take a look