Repeating group Constraint: text field list contains at least 1 item from another list

I am trying to create a repeating group that only shows things whose field(list) contains at least one item from another list. I have created an example here:

In this example, the repeating group shows restaurants. I want to only show restaurants (thing), whose menu (list of texts) contains at least one item from the user’s requested food (list of texts).

I’ve tried using “contains” but it seems to be looking for all items in the requested food list. Is it possible to look for at least 1 item but not require all?

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Hi @stephencharles,

Nice work on the example! Looking for at least one item is a bit trickier, here is one way:

Do an unconstrained search, then a filter, where the result is accepted if both lists intersected contains at least one item.


What if i want to do this in a searchbox data source?