How do I collapse a navigation drawer (sidebar)?

I guess it’s a basic question, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere in the forum.
I would like to start with the sidebar open, and when I click the menu icon it would hide it, and the main content outside the sidebar would take full width.
I tried the slidable plugin but I don’t know how to start with the sidebar open and I can’t put dynamic options with repeating groups inside it.

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Ok, thank you!
I guess that will work.
I’m currently in the learning phase with the free plan, so I will explore the CSS tools plugin, and if it doesn’t work I’ll try that when I upgrade to a paid plan.

There is a way to do it outside of payment and its quite simple. Do you mean something like this?

Similar, but sliding from left to right and sharing space with the main content of the page in the same plane. The main content shrinks when the sidebar is open and expand when hidden


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Ahhhh I could do that easily just wait a second I’ll show you a good example

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There is no way to get the main content to shrink, unfortunately. The only time content shrinks/expands is when the page width is changed.

However, I do have a free way to achieve the same effect as the slideable menu plugin.
Demo -
Editor -

When the checkbox is checked, a group is shown and the content box is given a left border to push the content to the right. The left border width has a transition on it to give the smooth sliding effect.


Great idea!
it’s not ideal for responsiveness, but it solved perfectly for what I wanted.
I gave half the size of de sidebar to the right width, to centralize the main content.
It worked! Thanks!


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