How do I create a "product type" "type"

Lets say I am making a shop and I want to create a category for tennis shoes and dress shoes in my database, however, I already have “shoes” as my product data type on the database.
(which is what I want, as I would have other types of clothing).

How do I make it so that whenever someone in the staff uploads a shoe, they set the type as “shoe” but the subtype as “tennis” “outdoor” “dress” etc…?

…technically nesting the data.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi there, @digitalexperiencemg… one way you can do what you described is to use an option set to define the shoe subtypes. Then, create a subtype field in the shoe data type, and link that field to the option set. With that field in place, each shoe can be “tagged” with a subtype when the shoe is added to the database.

Hope this helps.



Thank you Mikeloc

I appreciate the feedback.

Is this the only way to achieve this btw?

No… you could define the shoe subtypes in a custom data type, if that somehow better suits your needs.