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How do I create a simple alarm clock function?

Hi, I am a beginner in creating app…
I would like to start with a function that I can select a time, and enable/disable the alarm.
At the correct time, the alarm should sound and then I can dismiss it.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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I’ve not actually test it but this should be your general guide to the clock:

  1. Dropdowns to select time (hour, minute, seconds)
  2. Enable/Disable Clock buttons
  3. When Enable is clicked -> Record the time into the database
  4. Do When Current Time = Clock time and Clock enabled -> Disable button appear -> Play music file
  5. When Disable button pressed -> Clock = Disabled

About play music file, I think the only way now is doing using HTML or Javascript, since Bubble won’t do that natively.

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Thank you both!