Want to Add a 10 minute Alarm

I want a button, when clicked would set an alarm for 10 minutes. I’ve been trying multiple ways of doing it but no success. Is it possible in bubble. Can anyone please help?

Hi there, @sattic… what do you mean when you say set an alarm? What is the alarm supposed to do? You can do what you described by adding a workflow to the button that schedules an API workflow to run at the Current date/time +(minutes): 10, but there might be (and likely is) more to it depending on what is actually supposed to happen when the alarm goes off. So, if you can provide more details (screenshots are always helpful), I’m guessing someone will be able to help you get down a good path.


Hi @mikeloc,
Thanks so much for a quick response. Sorry, i missed your reply completely. I’m actually planning to trigger a music file (.mp3) after the set time has elapsed. Tried searching the community for help but unfortunately haven’t found anything.

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You need to use backend/api workflows which means you need a paid bubble account for that particular application. Create an api workflow that will trigger the .mp3 and then when the button is clicked “schedule an api workflow” and schedule it for current date and time + 10 minutes

They can also schedule a custom event on the page, as long as you pray they don’t refresh the page

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