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How do I display data field for public to see?

Hi bubble experts,

I’m currently stuck on my app, my app’s workflow saves the logged in user’s data to the “User type data field”, and I would like to make this fields “public”. Such that, a non logged-in user can visit the profile and see the information gathered from the data fields. However, non logged in users can’t seem to be able to view these fields. Are there any way to allow non-logged in users to view?

Would really appreciate some help here thanks!

Hi there, @chaochaobae… do you have a privacy role set up on the User data type that prohibits Everyone else from viewing the fields? Any time I run into something like what you are describing, the answer usually has something to do with privacy roles.


hi @mikeloc, I have tried to adjust the privacy fields to allow all users to view etc and played around with it too… can’t seem to allow the fields to be public still…

If you share some screenshots or a view-only link to your editor, I’d be happy to try to help out… but without any additional information, it’s not really possible to figure out what might be happening.

hi @mikeloc, I managed to get it solved… apparently the issue was I did not set the data source of the group to the current user. Now the page appears to be viewable by non-logged in users. Appreciate the help still! Cheers

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Hello @chaochaobae would you mind sharing a few screen shoots? I am having the same problem.

Thank you - your help is be appreciated.


Figured it out as well :smiley: