How do I generate/create groups?

Hi, I’m new to the platform!

Basically I’m try to have users create bubbles that they can create and drag it around. Sort of like creating a sticky note and have them organize it according to the categories. I have read around but can’t seem to find a solution to it. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks!

Hi @chewweichun94 - welcome to Bubble.

Have you tried the Draggable Elements plugin? That might help you.

This fully example will really help.

Hi thanks for the reply. I’m aware of the drag/drop group. The issue i’m facing is creating new drag/drop groups with the click of a button. My intent is to have users input a text, click ‘save’ and a new drag/drop group will be created to which user can move around.
From what i’m seeing does not allow end-user to create groups/objects on their own?

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