Has any one been able to create an Image Annotation tool using drag and drop?

I’d like to create a page where users can annotate an image they’ve uploaded.

  1. Can Drag and Drop Groups suffice? If not what tool?
  2. Can they create annotations dynamically (not work with a static amount of drag and drop groups)
  3. How do I save the annotations so they appear the next time the page is loaded?


Well, there’s no built in element like that. Additionally, element positions are not programmatically controllable in vanilla Bubble. (I don’t understand this, but that’s how it is.)

So this puts you in the realm of custom code or plug-ins. Someone very recently posted some image pinning type plug-in (not interesting to me so don’t know details but search for it) that might be of assistance related to this.

If Bubble DID let you control element positions this would be a no-brainer. (But it’s kind of easy to see why — the web is NOT CD-ROM multimedia, and things like responsive design [rather than absolute control] of the user experience are most important.)

That being said: I’m sure there must be a handy library (search NPM or GitHub) for this type of thing. Of course this immediately propels you out of the land of “no code”.

You can do it, but not in “the Bubble way.”


also look at the repeating group X & Y position. You can do the same using that too

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Yep, that’s what I was pointing out. Thx for posting link!

This is exactly what I needed.