How do I get a thing's x and y position to save? Am I wasting time on something impossible?

Hello! Non-tech frustrated person here trying to get this done… asap… since it’s holding up my early beta access. I need an app where an user can drag and drop an object wherever they want, and have this position be saved.

I set up a repeating group with an image inside a drag drop group, and it’s all inside a drop area. In each cell, I have two inputs (to get the X and Y values of the current cell’s object). As you can see, the x and y coordinates are not exactly right? (see the 183 and 184 in the x-coord.). They seem to reset to 0 wherever they are created, and new coordinates are generated off that starting point. That’s an issue (maybe even the reason nothing’s working) but not sure how to solve it.

The coordinates do save in the database when the save button inside the repeating group is clicked (though like I said, I need to get the right coordinates in the first place) but thing is, I can’t get the object to stay in those coordinates. So even if I click save, the object resets back to its original position on the repeating group when the page is reloaded.

Maybe I’m not even doing this the best way I don’t know… I’ve found repeating groups to be the only way to create new things which is why I’m using it. Any help with any of this will be HUGELY appreciated! I seriously have no clue what else to do… Thank you for your time

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I think that they repeating group is making this difficult for you. I think the way to do this would be to limit the number of objects that a user can create. Here is how I would do it if I were you:

  1. Create a group that would show the locations that have been spread out and create a custom state list for the objects to be show. For the sake of this example, I would limit the objects to five.

  2. Add five drag/drop groups to the group you created in step one and ensure that you check “constrain the movement within the parent.” Line them up at the bottom of the group and hard code them to a position within the custom state list using the :item #. Also add a condition that states the drag/drop group is visible when the count of the custom group equals that drag/drop group’s number.

  3. When the user clicks “Add Object”, create the object and add it to the custom state list. Then it will appear in the group for the user to move around to the position that they want.

  4. When a user clicks save on the object, save the coordinates to that object. When a user clicks save on the entire page, have a work flow that makes a change to each of the drag/drop groups to save the coordinates. The drag/drop group should stay in place, but if it moves back to 0 | 0, add the Move Drag/Drop group in element actions and move it using coordinates.

  5. The last thing to do is to add a “when page is loaded” workflow that sets the list of objects to the custom state and then use the Move Drag/drop group action to set them in right location according to their coordinates.

Because you have the drag/drop group within a repeating group, you will not be able to use the Move drag/drop group action when loading the page. What i typed out above requires a lot more in terms of workflows, but I think it would achieve what you are trying to do. If you have any questions or i completely missed the mark, let me know.


Hey. were you able to get a fix on this?? I had the same question… [NEW PLUGIN]: Move, Rotate & Resize Bubble elements - #7 by BubbleSam