How do I get the bubble get api to return extra data columns that I've created for an object?

i’m successfully reading a user using this call: And it’s returning the following data:

“response”: {
“user_signed_up”: true,
“last_name_text”: “Lname”,
“authentication”: {
“email”: {
“email”: “[email protected]”,
“email_confirmed”: null
“Created Date”: “2023-09-05T02:13:55.408Z”,
“Modified Date”: “2023-10-15T04:25:58.178Z”,
“usage_data_text”: “something”,
“_id”: “2134234234234234”

How do I get the api to return the extra data columns that I’ve created that are stored with that object?

I worked it out. There was no data in the fields for the record I was testing on because it was created before we created the additional fields. Once I tested on another record, the data came through.