Help with Bubble Data Api

Hello, I do not really know how to explain my problem but I will try.

I want to use the Bubble api to get info of a user.
Let’s say I know the username but then I want to use the Bubble Data Api to get their email.
How would I use the url and stuff.
I was looking at the documentation but even that is a bit too complex for me.
I would be so happy if anyone can help.

I belive I need to do this but I dont really understand how to do it. Can anyone please help?

Are you trying to make a GET request to your own Bubble app? Can you please provide some more context? (from where are you making a GET request, etc.).

Yes, I am making a get request to my own app. I am doing it from another game but I need to know how I would get the info of a spesefic user if I have some of the info allready. In this case I have the username but I need their email. I can fix things from the game but I need to know what the url would look like?

You would create an endpoint in Bubble (do that in the section called “API Workflows”, and expose the workflow as a public endpoint). That endpoint will return a response with the user’s email.

The first workflow action would be “Return data from API” and fill out your desired Keys as needed. For example, if you are returning a username (or email, etc…just specify objects you want to return), “do a search for” to query Bubble’s database and return any pertinent information:

How would I do this tho, can you explain more?