How do i let certain user groups only acsess a function (via clicking on a button) a certain amount of times?

I want my user to be able to access features via clicking on a butten, however, i only want some user roles to be able to fx click on the button 10 times and other 20 times how do i set this up? please help

Hi there, @matscarlbubble… if I was doing what you described, I would likely use an option set to define the user roles, and I would add an attribute (number) to the option set that defines the number of times a particular role can access the features. Then, I would add a field to the User data type that stores the number of times a user has accessed the features (that is, the number of times a user has clicked the button), and I would set that field to a user role’s attribute when a role is set for a user. Finally, when a user accesses the features (that is, when the user clicks the button), I would subtract 1 from the field in the User table, and I would use conditions on the button and/or the associated workflow(s) to do something that prohibits the user from proceeding when the number in the field reaches 0.

Hope this helps.


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