How do I maintain consistent spacing between text elements?

I have would like to arrange two or three text elements in a row, consistently spaced apart, regardless of the lengths of the text elements. Think (Name) (email address) (phone number)

Please help.

It might be easier to do them all in one text element. That’s what I’ve done many times, haven’t found a limitation to doing that in my use cases.

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When you carry them in one text element, are you able to format them differently in terms of font color, font size etc?

Yup, using the rich text option in the floating context panel

Interesting. Would you mind illustrating that in the test environment below? Under “Welcome to Bubble”, I have a text element that combines Language and Date/Time. Could you give Language and Date/Time different font colors – to make sure we are on the same page, and hopefully I’ll be able to understand the trick?

It’s set to “view only,” so I can’t actually make the changes. In the image below, click the button I’ve circled. A rich text editor will pop up with the text. Select the text you want to modify, then change the parameters you want to change using the editing tools. Voila!

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Wow!! That’s fantastic! Thank you very much

I insert a group with a fixed width between the texts or between the text and the icon