Elements dynamically placed

Hi there,

Does anyone know how to dynamically place elements relative to other elements?

For example:

I would like the three elements (Persons name, Topic, Date posted) to all be next to each other, but this is highly dependent on how long the persons name and topic is.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Hi @Nocodify :slight_smile: This is somewhat possible with a text element and the Rich Text Editor. Here is an example:



In this example, I created the text element and put the three pieces of dynamic data:
(“Parent Group Topic’s Creator’s Full Name”, “Parent Group Topic’s Category”, and “[Current Date/Time - Parent Group Topic’s Creation Date:formatted as minutes] minutes ago”:

Then clicked “Rich Text Editor” and edited each part:

(Note: The hyperlink you add in the Rich Text Editor for the Category part of the text, should be the URL of your live app. You can also make this dynamic by adjusting it back in the text editor:

And in preview mode it looks like this:

As the page shrinks in size, you could add a condition which removes the “minutes ago” from that text element, and ‘show’ a different text element with the same minutes ago text directly under the name. That should work! :slight_smile: