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How do i make a textbox display a attribute associated with a database field

How do i make a textbox display an options set attribute (text).

What i am doing is searching the database for a particular entry (which i am able to do, using constraints and sorting, etc.) which produces the number of interest, but i want to have it print the options set attribute (text) related to that entry.

I will explain it functionally:
i am saying to bubble "hey database, show me the last five entries that all have “xxxx = yes” and show me the one with the highest “yyyy” score, BUT (and this is the part i need help with) show me ‘formal name’ (‘formal name’ is just and option set attribute (text)) related to one of the fields in the database entry.

Need me to explain it better? let me know.
Thanks in advance.


Title (text)
Options set (interest with options: interest 1, interest 2, interest 3)

Options set

Method 1:

  • Repeating group of 1 row of type thing and data source search things
  • Group inside the rg of type thing with data source current cell thing
  • Text element inside the group with parent group thing interest display

Method 2:

  • Group of type thing with data source search for things first entry
  • Text element inside the group with parent group thing interest display

I still can’t figure it out. I think i need to explain this better.

In the database, each entry (row) has a ‘quiz’ name (“quiz 1, quiz 2, quiz 3, quiz 4, quiz 5”), and a score for each of these quizzes. meanwhile, over in the world of options set, each quiz (e.g. quiz 1, etc.) has an attribute i called ‘formal name’ (e.g. the formal name for quiz 1 is “sleep”).

What i am trying to do is not only search the database for these quizzes and work out which quiz has the highest score, but to display the formal name.

So far all i have been able to do is to create a RG with five rows and set up the data source as seen in the image below:
Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.46.47 pm

So now all i have is a list of the the five scores. I was then able to make a new text box and set it to sort through these five numbers of the repeating group (sort by decending) and tell it to display the ‘last item’, this gives me the score of the lowest scored quiz…but remember i need the ‘formal name’ (which is an option set attribute) of that quiz (e.g. “sleep”).

How do i get a textbox to display “sleep”

Omg i did it myself! woo hoo!

I just added a new constraint “score” and told it to order the repeating group by descending score and take the first/last item. then got that quizzes formal name. i know all i did just now was describe what i asked about earlier but the key here is the image below to show WHERE i did it. I knew what needed to be done all along it’s just a matter of knowing WHERE to do each bit. That’s why pictures are best. I’ve notice (personally and seeing other peoples posts) that when people give help on this forum they often just describe the problem back to you telling you mostly things you already know. I think explaining and showing people WHERE specifically each operation (or whatever) should be carried out is best. I spent four days on this and had everything right all along, just didn’t have operations carried out in the right places (which is a visual matter imo).

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Thanks anyway, Cmarchan

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