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How do i match users on the basis of a particular numeric field

I want to match users on the basis of a numeric filed say How many hours users watch TV and I want a user to be matched to the other user when their TV hours are same and then the match should remain for only that number of hours.

So How I am planning this is creating a new field Matched of the type Yes/No and I will set that as No initially and match the users on the basis if the number of hours of TV watching is same and Matched is No.

I am able to get the match here, but the thing I am struggling with is How the field can change to Yes when they match ( So they are not matched to any other) and then become No after that many hours have elapsed.

I am changing the Make changes to the current user to which I have attached the field Number of TV hours and the field Matched

Anything will be helpful


Take a look at this post: How to automatically create "unique pairs" of users with a Group ID

I think @john3’s proposed solution there can be adapted for your case. To unmatch, you could schedule a workflow task (to remove the matched_to value) for current date + TV hours (in hours).

I think that’s the solution that will work for you - just have the user unique_id in the match_to fields of both and then as @louisadekoya says run a task to search for when to remove the match after the hours expire and just put it back to an empty state.

Thanks @john3 and @louisadekoya but I am struggling with finding out How the scheduled API thing actually works, I have tried searching forums for it and the only information i could get is You have to go into settings> API,

I have checked the option of This app exposes a POST/Workflow API but this doesn’t bring any option of scheduled workflows in the workflow tab(I am on the personal plan right now)

I would be glad if you guys throw a bit more light on this and how do i get this to work for my case.


Go to your page list dropdown. At the very bottom you’ll see API Workflows. Select that and you’ll be able to create workflows which you can then schedule from another page via Schedule an API workflow action.

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@cool, I don’t think you need to schedule an API workflow for this. You should be able to create a custom event and then schedule that.

Thanks @romanmg , @louisadekoya and @john3 , I was able to find that but I still haven’t understood How to use it and I think I won’t be able to understand that without a proper lesson on it or a video (That’s how I have learnt most of the feature of this bubble thing).So avoiding this matching thing all together and concentrating on building other stuff.Thanks for helping out guys.


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