How to reset (Upvotes) number fields on a certain future date

Hello Everyone,
I was experimenting with “Changing a Thing” (resetting a number field) to 1 on a future date, and it did not seem to be possible. Does anyone have a way to reset number fields on a future date.
Thank you so much. Jo :slight_smile:

I meant to say this change would effect all users.

Hi there, @vritrans… what you have described is possible by scheduling a backend workflow to run on a future date, and have that workflow make changes to your users and change the number field for each user to 1. Then, have the workflow schedule itself to run again on another future date. Have you tried setting up a backend workflow like that?


I’m not even sure what a backend workflow is lol. Although I’ve probably been doing them, lol. Can you offer an example of what that might look like please?

There is a ton of content out there about backend workflows, and it would definitely be worth your time to do some searching and learning on the topic. Once you get the hang of them, they open up all kinds of possibilities, including what you are trying to do here, of course.

Okay, I’ll do that. I saw a video on recursive (or reoccurring) scheduling and adding a slight pause between each one. Is that the right idea?

Here is a post that might provide some good food for thought.

Thank you so much. That was very helpful. Since my time to launch is short and the reset values is not critical, I’m going to do that in the next version.

What would be critical to my app is offering the user to answer an email and text (coming from a different use) with a simple yes/no that would equate to a verification (like Google "someone is signing into your email, is it you “Yes/No”).

Any suggestions on how to do that, and is that another type of backend function? Thanks again, Jo

Actually, that post you sent was so helpful, I think I can get it done for the first launch. Thanks again. Still working on How to set up my email replies though first. :slight_smile:

If you have a personal plan. This helped me last night:

You can pick when you want the workflow to occur. Only 5 minute video