How do I rank a repeatingGroup of progress bars?

First time programmer here. Doing things with Bubble that I thought impossible for me - a mere non-programmer mortal - to do. Thanks to the Bubble team and Brent @ :+1:

I am getting stuck trying to solve the following problem: I want to display a list of progress bars of various fiberhoods. And I would like to rank them from highest to lowest (aka: closest to 100%; less close to 100%).

Here is what it looks like right now:

I’m starting from 2 Things:

  • Users
  • Fiberhoods

I currently calculate the percentage like this:
(number of Users that are in that CurrentCell’s Fiberhood) ÷ (Fiberhood’s NMI’s value) * 100

That works; the progress bars display the correct amount.

What I am having a hard time is to rank that list by the product of that list. How should I go about that?

I am guessing that I should go into the RepeatingGroup and in “Data Source” I should create a dynamic rule similar to what I do to create that progress bar. But is it good practice? Am I doing a wasteful calculation? If that’s the answer, how should I even do it?


Should I somehow calculate those percentages upfront, add them to the Fiberhood Thing, and then indeed sort in “Data Source”. If that’s the path, how can I do this background calculation? Do I have to create a new page and put these workflows in them? How do I get them to run?

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