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How to Show Ranking

I want to show ranking for a specific thing. I able to arrange it in repeating group and show its index number. I want to display that index number out of that repeating group, how to do this?

Is this the internal bubble “rank” function or something you are generating yourself ?

I guess Bubble don’t have internal function to show ranking. I am trying to create it with the help of repeating group’s Index Number.

Bubble can rank two things against each other, so I though maybe that was what your were after.

For the ranking on a repeating group, you want to bring back “Current Cell’s Index”, which will probably be the second item in the list when you click on “Insert Dynamic Data” from the text appearance input.

is anyone having problems with this lately?

I have a repeating group, insert the text element and make it “current cell’s index” and when i preview, it displays nothing… Tried tweaking and playing with fonts etc and nothing works…

A possible bug?

The only time you would experience this is if you haven’t set up the RG - type is missing, source is missing, or source is incorrect. If everything is good & blue there (not blank/red), and you’re still not seeing the index#, maybe file a report. But also feel free to post a link for extra eyes.

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I have this setup - works for me.

ah, the source was the key… Didnt realise i had to put a source in, just type then the text field to just display what cell index it was… Lesson learnt.