How do I reduce bubble hosting costs?

Is bubble hosting low enough to profit strictly from ads on a video & chat heavy social media app? And what are ways to reduce hosting costs, even if it requires some coding? Would coding & hosting my own PostgreSQL database server reduce bubble hosting costs? And would making users host their own video & photo content reduce costs? The way I would do this is run an input / prompt function to allow users to give me their source URL, so I can save it as a variable to display their content on my app.

What costs specifically are you talking about?.. I wouldn’t recommend using Bubble’s storage for videos if that’s what you’re asking about…

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Offload offline and back-end data processing to tertiary services like AWS Lambda or Azure. Bubble provides very flexible API endpoints…exploit these to call and load data from tertiary services. Bubble’s architecture and pricing is aimed at front-end user up-time, not data processing.


I’m talking about hosting costs to have users on my app. I really need to be able to calculate how much it would cost per user on a video & chat heavy social media app. And I’m asking for ways to reduce hosting costs on bubble.

Thanks so much for your response. Is there a way to host all of my data on my own server while using bubble’s no code SQL database editor, or would I have to use an external database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL?

The rough architecture of on-demand video streaming has three parts:

  1. The users device and browser
  2. The hosting service of the app that wraps the content
  3. The content deliver service that actually streams the video

The first two parts are covered by Bubble, and any reputable video streaming plugin for Bubble should be able to play any valid video URL. For the third part you can look at any video streaming service. I’m providing a link to AWS Video on Demand only because AWS tends to have the most detailed documentation and their JS3 SDK is very comprehensive.


I’m hoping I can use an open source video player to play the videos with bubble. After learning some coding, I learned that all a video player or HTML needs to play a video is the video URL / link, so to reduce costs I want to create a prompt / input function that allows users to save their video URL in my database as a variable. The biggest question I have is, will costs be low enough for me to let users use my app free while strictly profiting from ads on my site? Also, I really appreciate your support.

Your main cost won’t be storage it will be the on-demand streaming service, which is calculated in viewer seconds, e.g. 10 viewers watching for one minute equals 600 viewer seconds. The reason for this is that streaming services automatically converts the video resolution to match the available bandwidth and has the capacity to multiplex at high volumes, many simultaneous viewers. Simply hosting a file yourself won’t actually on-demand stream the video because the users would basically be just downloading the entire video and then playing it.

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I just hope the cost is low enough for me to profit strictly with ads on my app.

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