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How to self host

Due to bubble charging $1 per GB of storage per month while not disclosing hosting prices, I can only assume the hosting prices are very high, so I need to self host. Hopefully someone knows how to self host bubble because it’s no way I could scale a social media & video sharing app with high storage & hosting prices.

You can’t host your own bubble instance. But you can have storage outside bubble.

You can’t self host the entire app, but you can link your own storage solution. For example, we’ve got our own AWS s3 buckets that we use for videos and images.

Do you know the severe capacity for the basic personal plan & for each unit?

Do you know how many users the basic personal plan can handle & the server capacity for each unit for a social media full of lots of video media?

There is no direct calculation. It all depends on the type and number of workflows that are executed on your site. If there are thousands of users that don’t actually do much, that could actually require less capacity than 50 users that are all running complex and intensive workflows.

What estimate for a YouTube clone?

Depends what you mean by ‘YouTube Clone’?


Keep in mind, data storage is not cheap, also if you do self-hosting.

Two things you can do here:

  1. Use AWS S3 bucket for video files or audio files.
  2. Use an external hosted database and connect it with your application.

Both way require work and you still would need to pay something for the S3 bucket or the external database.

For the first option, we wrote an article about this: A blueprint architecture for AWS Serverless and Low Code - Biberei

Hope that helps.


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I was thinking database storage would be super cheap because it looks like all text, but it looks like database storage cost will have to play a big role in choosing a 3rd party database. It’s looking like for this particular project I will have to use appgyver, another visual programming tool with the complexity of code or learn to code if I have to because this project cannot afford any compromises on complexity. I see you also use appgyver, from your experience do you think appgyver is on the level of coding?

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