How do I search my data and show if the input text is found or not?

I have gone through all the tutorials but they are weak on building a simple search page. I have some records in the database of different fruits (apple, orange), and an input field for fruit to search and a button. All I want to do is display a message like “found” or “not found” depending on search result when button pushed.

From all my reading I can’t for the life of me figure this out. I don’t see where I add the “code” to search the database with what was entered in the input field. I really wish there was an example of how to do this somewhere.

Can anyone point me to some examples?

This does what you want …

Just ignore the bit about using a hidden field.

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Thanks! I found it very hard to see how the displayed group was somehow connected to the input field, but then by working backwards I determined that the filter was using that intermediate “uppercase” read only field which was itself connected to the original input field where user typed in their fruit. Right?

This middle step really confused me but I see how searching via uppercase can help - I guess there is no “ignore case” option in filters and default is case must match?

I can make a simpler one that just does a search if you like.

Sure would help. Examples really work for me. I appreciate it!


^ Rockstar right here folks!

Thanks again! :heart_eyes:

Btw how to do this if there is only one of each fruit in the list and I just want to display i) a yes or no + ii) the matching fruit’s color? All this upper case stuff and multiple repeated fruits with different cases is throwing me off as I don’t need a group list - just a message and field if the 1 record is found.

It seems so simple but just searching the database and displaying a hit is really tough for me. I’m soon going to give up and go learn php at this rate :frowning: