Input default to uppercase


I have a search box that is searching data saved in capitals, as a result it appears that the data wont be found if the search is in lower case. Is it possible to make the search’s input uppercase only?


I was also asking the same thing, at least similar

What search are you using ?

Using “contains” seems to work regardless of case.

And I can put it in a Search box too …

Interested in what the issue is, as was playing around with searches.

I was using a normal search box and then display an address (in a text field below) linked to the search query ( in this case the id assigned to the address).

I found it was easier to just use an input and then ‘upercase’ the input.

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Yes, that is the way to fix if you have issues, although I think some searches ignore case. We looked at this a while back and it seemed inconsistent. May have another look.

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How did you “uppercase” the input? I have the inverse issue, I want an input to convert all letters tu lowercase while righting on it.