How do I set the color of a text to be red if its value is negative and green if it's positive?

Hi, in the application I am trying to make, the data I pull with the api is sometimes positive and sometimes negative. I want them to be red if negative and green if positive. How can I do that?

This is an example image. I want to implement the feature I mentioned where the % contains value.


Probably simplest way would be put a conditional on the text (your text's data source) contains "-" Then change the font color to red. Then copy that conditional but change it to “doesn’t contain” and make it green

Thanks for your help but I’m not sure I understand. I have added 2 screenshots of the fields I want to make the edit I mentioned below. Can you help me by explaining it in more detail?

Okay so right click the “1” in your first screenshot, copy that, then paste where it says “Click” outlined in red in the “When” field in your text conditional, then add < 0 at the end of it.

Then click on “Select a property to change when true” and style the text to be red.

Then you can copy the whole conditional rule and paste it so it duplicates, but change it to ≥ 0 and make the text green

Wonderful! Its worked. Thank you so much.

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