Set condition to make negative numbers red

I am performing a simple calculation in a text element that simply subtracts one number from another. What I want to do is, if that number is negative make the font color red.

Here’s the calculation part:

Here’s my attempted condition (which doesn’t work):

I assume the issue is Bubble not treating it as a number, but I have tried changing it to format as a number but it still doesn’t work.

Anyone able to tell me where I’m going wrong?



A text element is just for display purposes so you can’t refer to the text itself… so this won’t work as you’re trying to do it.

Instead you’ll need to use the same expression you’re using for the text in the conditional. (you can just copy the expression and paste it into the Conditional, then add the ≤ 0 at the end.


Fantastic, that works. Thanks for the quick reply.

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