How do i show uploaded file on my page?


i have a file uploder as my input. saved it in my database. but how do i show the uploaded file on my page? what type of visual element should i use?

What do you want to show? The filename and path or a download button? Or is it an image?

file name. it will be a link to another page showing the file and its downloadable. how do i do that?

I’m assuming you saved the FileUploader value to a FILE field in a database Thing?

In that case, you can use the Link Element, and reference the File in the database. In the example below, I have used the saved File both as target URL and as Caption:


the display that i forward was from a previous page using parameter. should i use get data from url instead?

how do i get the link to only show the file name? using data from a previous page?

it will show the link instead of file name

Yes, you can fetch the filename instead of the full URL, and pass it as a second parameter when you redirect the page. See the example below:

(here I’m saving it to the database instead of redirecting with a page parameter, but the idea is the same):


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when i only save the file name does it still save the link of the file or should i create a new field to my database?

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