Displaying my uploaded files in my app for download

Hi so I am trying to make a frelance app and obviously employers would need to upload files amd frelancers view it and vice versa but unfortunatley i cant as one can only view image and video files how can i do it for any other kind of file

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Use the “file uploader” to upload other types of documents. PDF files will generally play back in the browser. Other files my have to be downloaded unless you have some sort of player (display) mechanism to show them in the browser.

Does this help?

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Hi thanks rick for your suggestion buh how do i make the file downloadable

The field where you are holding the file will give you a link to that file. Browsers generally take action when linked to a file is presented. For example, PDF will be shown on the screen and other files perhaps downloaded.

I guess what you mean is “how do you make the file start to download on click”.
You’d need some code or a plugin for that to trigger the download action.

There are at least a couple of great plugins available, both free and paid to help you do that.

Depending on the type of file and the browser used, you may also just add a link element (as Rick suggested) and see if your browser downloads\opens that file on click if it cuts it.



If you have an input field with the type text, you can have somewhere else where you have the visual element of “text” or if you do image uploader, there is a visual element called image. The confusing part is there is a file uploader but not a “file viewer” type in the visual elements. If a user uploads a PDF and I want them to be able to see that PDF object a week later, what visual element am I using to display that object on the screen for them to click on to view or download?

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Did anyone ever solve this issue? Is there no way to show files in a repeating group? For example maybe you wanted to have a repeating group where people add their resumes and vote on whose is the best or something. How would you display those files after they are uploaded?

I am having this same issue with getting files to show in a repeating group on a different page than the page they were uploaded on (works fine there). Here’s that post…

You can insert a link (under visual elements) and set the dynamic type and data source to your files. But then if you have more than one file, it tries to link to a long url with the url of both files in the same url.