How do I specify an array within the Body of an API Connector API call?

I’m trying to define an API Connector call for a call that requires an array of email addresses as input.

I don’t understand the syntax. I’ve seen from other forum threads that I do this using the Body (JSON object) section of the API Call definition rather than by adding a parameter, as parameters can not be arrays.

However, my trial and error for various syntax is not finding syntax that works.

Here is my current static definition. I’ll paramaterize it after I get it working with static values, which is my current hurdle.

And this is what Initialize call returns:

If you know the syntax to make this work, or another way of making this work, please share.

Add a header Content-Type with the value application/json


Can you please be a little more specific about the syntax.

I tried this, and it generates a different error message:


Your Header is correct your Syntax is correct. Try deleting that api call and build a new one exactly the same and try to initialize it.

I have received this error in the past and by deleting the api call all together and recreating it fixed the issue for me.

That did the trick! Thank you very much.

Next… How do I transition from the static array of email addresses I entered to the use of dynamic values.

I’m concerned that when I edit the Body to use the <> syntax to switch to dynamic values, the API call will need to be reinitialized, but won’t.

FYI. I figured this out. It wasn’t as weird as I thought it might be.

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For anyone who stumbles across this thread, the next problem I encountered in getting this API Call to work is documented in a different forum thread: