How do I Sum the count of a list in a repeating group

Hi bubblers, how do I sum the counts I have done in a repeating group within a repeating group. I want to sum the insights total across each cell?

Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 5.34.24 pm

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you can use a group, set it and data type number and than refer to each repeating groups within the new group where you are counting and adding a plus sign for each count!

Thanks @Bruno27 the group part makes sense but i’m struggling with the expression to sum them in the repeating group?


Add a field of type number to the intervention object (… in Bubblish … a data type). Call it articlesCount. Every time you add an article update this field with the total count of articles for that intervention.

After that you can use an expression in any text element or group (make the type to be number) like this > repeating group interventions articlesCount :sum

The above assumes that your rg is of type intervention and it’s data source is a search for interventions

yes then try what @cmarchan suggested or share your editor and i will have a look:)

Sorted, thanks @Bruno27 Legend!

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