Sum of inputs in a Repeating Group of Type User

Well, I’ve spent a day going down the rabbit hole and getting nowhere.

Basically, I have a RG of Type users and inside the cell of the RG there is an expression that evaluates to a number.

I’m trying to find the sum total of all of the Expressions contained inside the Cells, which could be any number of cells.

Something like this.
RG [Type: User]
CELL[ Expression Value = 4]
CELL[ Expression Value = 2]
CELL[ Expression Value = 2]
Sum Total = 8

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello. There is an easy way and hard workaround (free)

The easy way would be to use the BDK plugin here

The hard way is to use custom states and it can be done but can be a bit tricky at times.

You might also need the toolbox plugin for the expression element that can create math equations, unless it is simple enough for bubble.

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