How do I use a default datasource when the URL parameter is not there?

I have a landing page that also includes dynamic content based on a URL parameter that is specific to the page where the user originated from. For example, if they come from “”, the URL parameter is “”. When the user simply types in “”, so that there is no parameter and therefore no dynamic data being pulled, I would like to have a default data source. However I cant figure it out. Any ideas?

Will they always be filed under the restaurant key? If so, could you do, if Length of get data from url (restaurant) = 0?

If I understand correctly you can set a conditional based on whether the parameter is empty - in this case I’ve shown it in an RG:

Thanks this worked! I assumed saying the parameter was empty would cause it to still look for it. So "restaurant= ", instead of the restaurant parameter not being there at all. But this worked great. Thanks

Glad it worked for you :slight_smile: it does seem a little counterintuitive but then so do many things in Bubble! :wink:

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