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Dropdown default value from get URL


I’m always struggling with conditions in Bubble, I’m still learning but right now I have a recurrent problem

I have a dropdown showing all options from an option sets,
I want to set the default value from a parameter sent by URL BUT Bubble doesn’t seem ok with that, and this is the problem I always have

Bubble still asking me more conditions whereas I only want small conditions

Here I only want the value inside parameter type in my URL…

Anyone can help me or give me some link about conditions :slight_smile:

It means the data formats are not the same.

What is the ‘data format’ of the parameter you’re sending? Maybe text? If you want it to work correctly, you’d make it send the option set value itself (which would be the unique ID I believe).

Learn no code →


Try setting the type in the get expression to the options set you are using

Thanks guys,
Problem was the data formats !!!

I need more practice on these steps,

Hello @romain.hetzel

These two templates are free, they were created purely to facilitate solving similar problems to yours.

I recommend you take a look.


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