How do I wipe a data field which isn't empty clean?

I have a field in my datatype that isnt empty. I have a button that when clicked, I want to wipe the entry in that data field without.

If you mean you want to re-write the database, that should be easy enough, but if you mean you want to erase an input element, then use the workflow Reset Data.

That should get you where you need to be.

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I may not be clear in what you want, but is this what you mean?

You have a data field (let’s call it) expenseName. When your user clicks a button, you want to erase whatever value you may have in a particular Thing’s expenseName.

If so, it’s easy to do so.

Set up a workflow to make changes to a Thing. The code would look like this. This would “blank out” any value:


worked perfect… thanks man