Reset a specific input

How do I reset the input of a specific field? Reset relevant input resets everything associated with the workflow. I have an input field where users have to enter a string and then press a button to save to the database. The email of the user and the value of the input is saved to the database. On certain occasions, the user may save multiple things to the database in one setting by erasing the input field and entering a new string. So instead of them erasing the input every time, I just want to reset THIS one input after they click a button.

I think you would have to put the inputs into to separate groups and then reset the group that hold the field you want using the Reset Group option instead of the reset inputs.


Easiest way would just use a state, called reset then on click of the button you set the inputs state to reset=yes

Then have a condition on the input that says when this inputs reset=yes the inputs initial value is (leave empty)

That will just remove the inputs value! Easy!


Thank you!

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